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              DJK 系列臥式多級泵 /DJK Series of Horizontal Multi-Stage Pump

                  DJK 系列泵為臥式、多級、軸向剖分、雙蝸殼式泵, 葉輪對稱分布, 根據不同工況選擇不同的材料、壓力等級和級數。首級葉輪可選擇單吸葉輪或雙吸葉輪。輸送原油、石油產品、海水及其它純凈或有少量雜質的液體。MSD廣泛應用于煉廠、石油化工、注水、管線、發電應用等。

                  Pumps of the series DJK are horizontal, axially split, double volute, opposed impeller, multi-stage pump. It is available in a range of hydraulic sizes and number of stages with material combinations to suit the application. The pump may be supplied with either a single suction first stage impeller and double suction first stage impeller. Pumping rude oil  petrolic product  fresh water  pure or slight impure liquid .DJK  pumps are widely used in refineries petrochemical plants pipelines water injection and power  generation applications.

              流量 Capacity ~3200 m3/h

              揚程 Head ~3000 m

              溫度 Temperature ~+200℃

              壓力 Pressure ~310 bar