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              RNS系列標準化工泵 /RNS Series of Standard Chemical Pump

              RNS標準系列化工泵系單級、單吸式離心泵。該系列泵是根據美國國家標準協會的ANSI B73.1M標準并結合國內外先進的泵制造經驗開發出的更新替代產品.可輸送清潔的或含有顆粒、中性或有腐蝕性、低溫或中溫的介質。適用于:煉油廠 、化工、石油工業 、發電廠 、造紙業 、制藥業 、煉鋼廠 、食品加工、醫藥、廢酸轉移、管道增壓。


                  RNS series of standard chemical pump is the single stage end suction centrifugal pumpThe pump is the alternative product updates that is developed based on the American National Standards Institute ANSI B73.1M,  and combined with advanced pump manufacturing. It can transport medium that is either clean, containing particles ,neutral or corrosive , with low or medium temperature. The series is suitable for: Refineries, chemical industry, petroleum industry , power plants , paper industry, the pharmaceutical industry , steel , food processing , pharmaceuticals, waste acid transfer ,pipeline pressurization


              流量 Capacity  ~2000 m3/h        

              揚程 Head   ~250 m   

              溫度 Temperature   -40 ~ +150 °C

              壓力 Pressure ~2.5Mpa